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What is yoga?

- Yoga is a way of life on Earth, and perhaps, beyond Earth as well.

- How does this way differ? - Primarily, it is a responsible approach to life itself - to all the aspects of it. What are these aspects?

They are the emotions that engulf us and the thoughts that come to our head (the ones that we reflect on as well as the ones that we dismiss away).

They are the relationships that happen with people, with animals, with all the living forms on Earth as well as with the Earth itself.

They are also an attitude to oneself, to one's physical body, to one's extended possibilities: the departure from the body (in other words – death), an attitude towards all the further happening later, after the departure as well as to what one leaves behind on Earth. This all in its entity represents a way of life in which one remains responsible for every step one makes.

- How is this way of life different from the way we currently live now?

- Today we at least make attempts to perform conscious and meaningful actions. These attempts, however, are often “local”. Take, for example, the current belief systems: they are mostly about how people should interact with one another, and although they do express it in different ways, in general, they are all about the same – people need to live in peace, to live with love and respect for one another. Some imply respect for all the living, while some others do not express it with clarity.

We make attempts to realize that the concept of God, while being a symbol of something unified and omnipresent, gets drawn from some common source. This single concept is sometimes divided into three parts: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. These, however, are only fragments of Yoga. Truly, today all the systems of faith cover only a small part of human life and its interaction with the world. Therefore, we say that although the yogic way of life has partially taken in all the existing systems of faith, those systems represent only some parts of a broader one – the “yoga” concept.

On the other hand, for many people Yoga is just a system of exercises. People do asanas and often think that this is what yoga is all about. From what I have defined above - the meaning of Yoga, and while asanas certainly are important, they are not yoga. Much like in faith: every faith system has the norms of behavior encapsulated, but those norms are far from being faith itself.

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